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20 April 2013 @ 06:17 pm
Seeing all this trailers of Japanese movies makes me TT_TT
If only i live in Japan. :(
Some Japanese movies are being shown here in our country, but mostly Horror film or anime/Live action.
I want to watch Platina Data, Doraemon(haha..yes, i ssooooo love Doraemon), MatsuJun and Sho's upcoming movies.. Hmm.. It's okay if i can't watch it in theaters as long as they will release a DVD with an English subtitle(but for a Japanese Version DVD? I think it will be impossible for a subtitle to be included).. But JP versions are the best! from the quality to the special features and some freebies. :) [Believe it or not, i really wanted to have that Sadako 3D Box Set w/ Free Sadako Hair. HAHAHA]

There are a lot of JP movies that i want to watch or to have a DVD of it. I tried to look over the online stores, one is Yesasia, mostly are JP versions but they also have other versions with an english subtitle but the problem is either it is SOLD OUT/OUT OF STOCK or it will took 1-2 months before they will ship it, and i think I can't wait that long..
Right now, I want to watch TADA's DO IT ALL HOUSE movie, it was released around year 2011. The problem is, the DVD is only released in JPN so that means, there is no subtitle. I tried to look for an online streaming but all ore down. :(

I also miss watching JDoramas on our TV. It's more of KDramas now.
I love both, but i hope they will also air some Japanese doramas because there are a lot of great Jdramas now. Before, i would prefer to stay inside and watch Gokusen/Anime than go out and have fun with friends. Aside from Jdoramas and Kdramas I also love Taiwanese Dramas... Remember Meteor Garden? Yes, Thanks to Meteor garden a lot of other dramas were aired here in our country.
It was indeed a Meteor garden fever, everyone would go straight home and wait for the drama to start. I even have a lot of meteor garden stuff..from CDs to Posters, stickers, freebies and all.. I've been a fangirl since before. :D
Ahh~ memories~ hahaha..
Still hoping for the TV networks to air some Jdoramas.. :)

Now, I'm watching Medical related Dramas. Watching these kind of dramas are helpful because I can recall those things I learned from school or learn something new. During our review days Dr. Jin was currently being aired in Korea, after I study i would watch the Drama. One time when our reviewer was talking about Subdural Hematoma in class, I was like " YA! I KNOW THAT! I KNOW THAT! I SAW THAT FROM DR. JIN" but of course it was all in my head because if i uttered it people around me might think I'm crazy or what. :))
And after our review me and my other friend would talk about the topic and Dr. Jin. XD Thanks to that drama i was able to pass my NLE. lol.

Again, I hope to see new and more Jdoramas being aired in our local TV stations... More good Dramas please~ ^^