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01 May 2013 @ 12:17 am
Cause I can't wait for SHO.  
Yatta! here it is! here it is!
My Sho Sakurai Jumbo Uchiwa. <3 Yes, another uchiwa. 4 down 1 more to go-- Get ready Oh-chan!
Actually I really want to buy another Kazunari uchiwa, 5x10 Nino jumbo uchiwa..but Unfortunately I can't find someone selling it. :(

The seller thought my ichiban was Jun/sho but when i told her that Nino was my ichiban she said we're the same. :) That's why she was not selling any Ninomiya stuff(but she said that her extra AAA uchiwa was sold already and the other one was for herself, of course)because Nino was also her ichiban.
I knew a lot of fangirls who are selling some or almost all of their stuff and only keep those stuff that are rare, favorites or things related to their bias/ichiban. If I were them, I would do the same..If ever I will give up collecting stuff related to my fav. groups, I will make it sure that I will keep something for myself. Something that would remind me of being a fangirl of these groups. :)
Sometimes, I ask them why are they selling it? are they giving up? Some said that they have other reasons why they are letting go of their collection, other would let go because they want to buy something new.

I realized that I don't need to collect all of the items released since debut until today, just to prove how much I love them or How much I support them. Because we have our own special way, our own way of supporting our fav. groups. For me, Just collect as much as we can, right? :) As I grow older in the fandom/s I have chosen, I realized that it's not about how much you have collected, or who has the most # of collections,how many CDs, Singles, DVDs you have to determine how "die-hard-fan/true fan"(or just a simple and dedicated fan) are you. It is how much you love them, support them in anyway(Yes, collecting fandom/group item is a must but we all know that we can't really have all right? Except if you are so rich, then that's good), and always being there for them through the ups and downs..and of course, your faith in them.
How I wish I was there when they(my favorite groups/bands) debuted or If only I was a fan of them since ______, but I can't turn back time. So now, all I can do is support the groups I love and be there for them until the end. :) If only it is possible, I want them to continue doing what they love until they get married, have a family. But of course, its for them to decide right? whatever their plans we should support them! :)

Anyway, going back to my uchiwa. HAHAHAHHA
After I purchased JUN UCHIWA, i asked the seller if the Sho uchiwa is still available and for still for sale. She respond and said yes. So I asked her if is it okay to pay her on the last day-first week of May, She's so nice that she agreed to my request. She also sent a message which made me laugh(it's was a perfect timing because i just finished watching Kazoku Game episode 1..when i read her message "Sho will wait for you" I can still imagine Sho's face during the drama. hahaha)