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09 December 2014 @ 08:59 pm
DIGI...wait for it...TALIAN!!!!💫  
after 1 year and 2 months, here I am again with another post/update.
Before anything else, I want to congratulate Arashi for their 15th year Anniversary. 🎉
15 years and counting.

I am just so happy that I made this post. Why? Because I just received the 1st part/batch of my preordered goods! Yes, digitalian goods. 😁

Here it is:

As you can see, I also ordered 5x10 ninomi ju, love bracelet(blue) and one of my most favorite congoods, BEAUTIFUL WORLD TOWEL!!!!!

To be honest, I don't like some of the digi congoods. Not to mention---the shirt. What's with the color? Sorry.
The USB was cute but also expensive for an eight gig capacity. I did not buy it because (1) it's expensive (2) I'm afraid it might get lost (3) I don't want it to be damaged.

So anyway, I am so so so thankful to Maiさん for buying those stuff. Specially the old congoods. 😍 When I opened the parcel, I was so happy to see my items and also some freebies. As what I have said before, I really love receiving freebies no matter what it is. 🎁

Here are the goods I ordered. 😊

Oh! The Photobook.
Should I open it or not? Haha.

I am a huge Jumbo uchiwa collector. But since there is no JU this time, I only ordered the mini uchiwa.

digitalian brooch (Osaka)

Yay! Now that I have this, I only lack 1 more. The green one. :)

5x10 Ninomiya Kazunari JU. I love his hair!

Uwaaaaa~!!! Beautiful world towel!!!
One of my most fav. :)

That's all for now. Will wait for the 2nd and 3rd batch. 😝

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