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17 June 2013 @ 09:55 pm

Forever 17. 😍💛
11 January 2016 @ 11:04 pm

Happy New Year!

when was my last update? nah.

I just want to share *again* another Arashi stuff i got. First for this year. 🎊
and here it is:


after that LOVE ribbon bracelet I want to collect other venue only goods (which I haven't completed yet. not even 1 concert venue-only goods) So this time I'm trying my very best to collect them all. haha.  Still waiting for 3 more masking tape and other japonism goods. yay!</p>

Just like my previous posts, as I have said, I like and appreciate those who takes time to write messages or give freebies everytime I purchase something. Actually, I only receive these kind of things from a fellow fan. This is why I like buying from someone who is in the same fandom. It makes me feel like I am special and treated not just as a customer but a fellow fan, a friend. :)

Anyway, I just want to share this and Thank Krystle.
Thank you Krystle! :)

09 December 2014 @ 08:59 pm
after 1 year and 2 months, here I am again with another post/update.
Before anything else, I want to congratulate Arashi for their 15th year Anniversary. 🎉
15 years and counting.

I am just so happy that I made this post. Why? Because I just received the 1st part/batch of my preordered goods! Yes, digitalian goods. 😁

Here it is:

As you can see, I also ordered 5x10 ninomi ju, love bracelet(blue) and one of my most favorite congoods, BEAUTIFUL WORLD TOWEL!!!!!

To be honest, I don't like some of the digi congoods. Not to mention---the shirt. What's with the color? Sorry.
The USB was cute but also expensive for an eight gig capacity. I did not buy it because (1) it's expensive (2) I'm afraid it might get lost (3) I don't want it to be damaged.

So anyway, I am so so so thankful to Maiさん for buying those stuff. Specially the old congoods. 😍 When I opened the parcel, I was so happy to see my items and also some freebies. As what I have said before, I really love receiving freebies no matter what it is. 🎁

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01 October 2013 @ 11:26 pm

For our 1,826 days & your 43,824hours
Arashi~ Arashi~ For Dream..
04 May 2013 @ 02:41 am
I don't know where or whom can I express my disappointment.

I was really really really really patient because I know it's worth the wait...

When I arrived at my aunt's house a parcel was waiting for me, I was really shocked since I was not expecting a package from someone(or I just forgot?) So when I checked the shipper's name, I was happy and a bit confused because (1) finally one of my much awaited item has finally arrived, (2) I was confused because the parcel was small and light. Yes, I was expecting a parcel bigger than what I have received, with a tube(where posters are placed). So then I opened it I was very very very disappointed. The poster was rolled together with the album and it was damaged and the said freebies was not there. :( As a fangirl, or let's just say an avid collector would really take good care of every single item. For me I am a huge poster fan/collector, I would really pay for an additional fee so that the posters will be placed on a tube and be as safe as possible.
For the freebie, it was indicated what will I receive when i purchased that item and so on. so I was really expecting to have those freebies together with the item I purchased.. but there was no freebie(those freebies that was indicated).

I still did not received any reply from the seller, but I need explanations. I waited for almost 3 months for that item and this is all I got? and there were also additional freebies but still, I did not received any. :( Don't get me wrong... I ordered because the freebies was indicated(this is the freebies you will receive if you order from us blah blah blah..), I am not demanding for a freebie.

I don't know if I have the right to feel this way, to get disappointed. I hope she will understand what I am feeling right now, specially that she's also a fangirl. :(
I do hope to receive answers so that things will be better in the next transactions.

Keep Calm and move on...

update: The seller just informed me that the baller(which was shipped together with the album) was the freebie. WAAH!!why?? I was really expecting for a scroll and paperbag because it was indicated on the post. :( I feel...sigh. Waited for how many months..then.. oTL
no other explanations, she just answered 1 of those many questions i had. Anyway, I can't do anything. DISAPPOINTED. That's all. :(
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01 May 2013 @ 12:17 am
Yatta! here it is! here it is!
My Sho Sakurai Jumbo Uchiwa. <3 Yes, another uchiwa. 4 down 1 more to go-- Get ready Oh-chan!
Actually I really want to buy another Kazunari uchiwa, 5x10 Nino jumbo uchiwa..but Unfortunately I can't find someone selling it. :(

The seller thought my ichiban was Jun/sho but when i told her that Nino was my ichiban she said we're the same. :) That's why she was not selling any Ninomiya stuff(but she said that her extra AAA uchiwa was sold already and the other one was for herself, of course)because Nino was also her ichiban.
I knew a lot of fangirls who are selling some or almost all of their stuff and only keep those stuff that are rare, favorites or things related to their bias/ichiban. If I were them, I would do the same..If ever I will give up collecting stuff related to my fav. groups, I will make it sure that I will keep something for myself. Something that would remind me of being a fangirl of these groups. :)
Sometimes, I ask them why are they selling it? are they giving up? Some said that they have other reasons why they are letting go of their collection, other would let go because they want to buy something new.

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27 April 2013 @ 08:15 pm
We all know that Arashi's new Concert DVD was released already last April 24. I was not able to pre-order a copy for myself because:
1. First Press - SOLD OUT!
3. I have no budget for a JP version. XD

But Thank Heavens..my prayers were answered!---- A KOREAN VERSION of the DVD, affordable and First Press Edition. XD Although the release date will still be on May 15, I don't care as long as they have a korean version of it which is more cheaper than JP version and which i think has same quality or almost the same quality as JP version.
I just pre-ordered a copy and hopefully it will arrive sooooooonnnnn after the release date. *excited much*
Seeing all those screencaps, previews, etc. makes me more excited to receive my own copy of the DVD.

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21 April 2013 @ 08:59 pm
YEAH! I got my stuff already. I think you already have an idea what 'stuff' I am talking about..
YES! another UCHIWA!!! hahahaha. This time it's MATSUMOTO JUN JUMBO UCHIWA. :) It's a pre-loved item but the condition of the uchiwa is so good that it looks like brand new. This is why i love buying pre-loved items from a fangirl/fanboy who knows how to take good care of her/his fandom stuff. And as i said before I really appreciate sellers who give a little freebie. Whatever freebie it may be as long as you have given me a little something, it will make me happy to the max. :))) Thank you so much! thank you thank you. ^^

Aside from the Uchiwa, I won something from a certain online shop. the prize? TOHOSHINKI poster and HERO JAEJOONG notebook!!!!! YEAH!!!

A week before I also received my purchased Arashi DVDs, Beautiful World and Anniversary Tour 5x10. ah! i also got my Popcorn album. :) again..with freebies!! HAHAHA.
Speaking of Concert DVDs, every time I start to watch any concert DVD I have this feeling...something...like...I'm about to cry(?) I can't explain but really..ugh. The feeling...

Another thing, when I watch concert dvds I will also use any concert goods that I have. So that i will feel like I'm also at the concert. :))) One time my brother saw me holding a light stick while watching a concert DVD of Tohoshinki, he was really laughing and he asked me why i was holding that light stick..

But i guess after all...he understood why. XD

AHHH!!!! Before I forget, HAPPY INCUBUS DAY!!! 421 :)
[Incubus Band]

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20 April 2013 @ 06:17 pm
Seeing all this trailers of Japanese movies makes me TT_TT
If only i live in Japan. :(
Some Japanese movies are being shown here in our country, but mostly Horror film or anime/Live action.
I want to watch Platina Data, Doraemon(haha..yes, i ssooooo love Doraemon), MatsuJun and Sho's upcoming movies.. Hmm.. It's okay if i can't watch it in theaters as long as they will release a DVD with an English subtitle(but for a Japanese Version DVD? I think it will be impossible for a subtitle to be included).. But JP versions are the best! from the quality to the special features and some freebies. :) [Believe it or not, i really wanted to have that Sadako 3D Box Set w/ Free Sadako Hair. HAHAHA]

There are a lot of JP movies that i want to watch or to have a DVD of it. I tried to look over the online stores, one is Yesasia, mostly are JP versions but they also have other versions with an english subtitle but the problem is either it is SOLD OUT/OUT OF STOCK or it will took 1-2 months before they will ship it, and i think I can't wait that long..
Right now, I want to watch TADA's DO IT ALL HOUSE movie, it was released around year 2011. The problem is, the DVD is only released in JPN so that means, there is no subtitle. I tried to look for an online streaming but all ore down. :(

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15 April 2013 @ 10:38 pm
When i was cleaning my room I found a lot of School related things and started to scan and read some of my old notes/notebooks. I really miss going to school, all those fun memories, fun encounter and memorable experiences.
Before when i was still a student, i wanted to graduate already so that i can do whatever i like. But now? I wish I was still a student. XD
After our NLE(commonly called as Board Exam. An exam to be taken to become a Registered Nurse) I was able to do a lot of things, from watching dramas, anime, movies, reading manga, books not related to nursing. But next month, i will be receiving my license and with that I can already look for a job... which I think is not an easy thing to do~
I will start reading my Nursing related books/notes again..no more free free free time like before. whew. But my fangirling will not stop there, of course! XD

So to those students, enjoy your student days because after you graduate, nah ah~ you will surely miss being a student. ;)