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21 April 2013 @ 08:59 pm
U KNOW...  
YEAH! I got my stuff already. I think you already have an idea what 'stuff' I am talking about..
YES! another UCHIWA!!! hahahaha. This time it's MATSUMOTO JUN JUMBO UCHIWA. :) It's a pre-loved item but the condition of the uchiwa is so good that it looks like brand new. This is why i love buying pre-loved items from a fangirl/fanboy who knows how to take good care of her/his fandom stuff. And as i said before I really appreciate sellers who give a little freebie. Whatever freebie it may be as long as you have given me a little something, it will make me happy to the max. :))) Thank you so much! thank you thank you. ^^

Aside from the Uchiwa, I won something from a certain online shop. the prize? TOHOSHINKI poster and HERO JAEJOONG notebook!!!!! YEAH!!!

A week before I also received my purchased Arashi DVDs, Beautiful World and Anniversary Tour 5x10. ah! i also got my Popcorn album. :) again..with freebies!! HAHAHA.
Speaking of Concert DVDs, every time I start to watch any concert DVD I have this feeling...something...like...I'm about to cry(?) I can't explain but really..ugh. The feeling...

Another thing, when I watch concert dvds I will also use any concert goods that I have. So that i will feel like I'm also at the concert. :))) One time my brother saw me holding a light stick while watching a concert DVD of Tohoshinki, he was really laughing and he asked me why i was holding that light stick..

But i guess after all...he understood why. XD

AHHH!!!! Before I forget, HAPPY INCUBUS DAY!!! 421 :)
[Incubus Band]



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