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04 May 2013 @ 02:41 am
I don't know where or whom can I express my disappointment.

I was really really really really patient because I know it's worth the wait...

When I arrived at my aunt's house a parcel was waiting for me, I was really shocked since I was not expecting a package from someone(or I just forgot?) So when I checked the shipper's name, I was happy and a bit confused because (1) finally one of my much awaited item has finally arrived, (2) I was confused because the parcel was small and light. Yes, I was expecting a parcel bigger than what I have received, with a tube(where posters are placed). So then I opened it I was very very very disappointed. The poster was rolled together with the album and it was damaged and the said freebies was not there. :( As a fangirl, or let's just say an avid collector would really take good care of every single item. For me I am a huge poster fan/collector, I would really pay for an additional fee so that the posters will be placed on a tube and be as safe as possible.
For the freebie, it was indicated what will I receive when i purchased that item and so on. so I was really expecting to have those freebies together with the item I purchased.. but there was no freebie(those freebies that was indicated).

I still did not received any reply from the seller, but I need explanations. I waited for almost 3 months for that item and this is all I got? and there were also additional freebies but still, I did not received any. :( Don't get me wrong... I ordered because the freebies was indicated(this is the freebies you will receive if you order from us blah blah blah..), I am not demanding for a freebie.

I don't know if I have the right to feel this way, to get disappointed. I hope she will understand what I am feeling right now, specially that she's also a fangirl. :(
I do hope to receive answers so that things will be better in the next transactions.

Keep Calm and move on...

update: The seller just informed me that the baller(which was shipped together with the album) was the freebie. WAAH!!why?? I was really expecting for a scroll and paperbag because it was indicated on the post. :( I feel...sigh. Waited for how many months..then.. oTL
no other explanations, she just answered 1 of those many questions i had. Anyway, I can't do anything. DISAPPOINTED. That's all. :(
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed